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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Postscript - Windows on the Woods

I've decided to decuct a point from Windows on the Woods' in light of a recent event this afternoon. Some may call me lazy in doing so, but I guess it's a matter of principle. I upsets me that WotW has a requirement that minimum orders need to be $15.00 for food to be delivered. There are other sandwich places, such as Plaza Deli, which is, not only further from office, but will often deliver even a bowl of soup ($2.75), recognizing that it's something that's desired in a office park environment. Although it makes sense to collect multiple orders from our office, each of the attorneys and assistants seem to eat at staggered times.

Irrespective of the foregoing, I still believe WotW offers a terrific value and encourage everyone local to check it out.


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